H2Bus Europe

UK - Denmark - Latvia

- First targeted rollout -

H2Bus Europe is based on staged deployments in locations with a requirement for zero emission buses.

Deployments of Fuel Cell Electric Buses (FCEBs) require scale. For this reason, the H2Bus Consortium’s initial rollout locations are looking to implement a minimum of 200 FCEBs. This will be supported by centralised electrolytic hydrogen production and numerous hydrogen dispensing solutions.

The infrastructure established in this project will be capable of expanding to supply low cost and zero-emission hydrogen to other vehicle types as they mature.

The activities in this project, H2Bus Europe, can also be exploited in other markets where it is possible to accumulate enough demand. Therefore, whilst we focus on this initial deployment, we are also very interested in discussions with other potential locations for additional rollouts.

'Hydrogen is the zero-emission solution for heavy-duty applications. Hydrogen can efficiently be produced from renewable electricity and distributed in high capacity hydrogen trailers to bus depots. Here, a hydrogen bus can be fueled in five minutes. This is comparable to diesel. We are setting up a dedicated hydrogen value chain to cut costs and, in doing so, to approach operational parity with buses which use traditional fuels. The H2Bus Consortium provides the complete package including fuel cell buses and hydrogen fuel. We will offer the most affordable zero-emission bus to meet the increasing demand in the largest cities of Europe.'

- Jacob Krogsgaard, CEO of Everfuel -

'It is essential that commercial players join forces to realize the true zero-emission mobility society. The hydrogen fuel cell electric bus is the ideal substitute for fossil solutions, without compromising range, operational ability or cost. Wrightbus is also expanding its product offering to include a fuel cell electric double decker bus and a 12-meter single-decker bus in order to serve a wider customer base. We are currently witnessing the transformation of public transport for the benefit of both current and coming generations and we feel privileged to be part of this transition together with the other consortium members.'

- Buta Atwal, CEO at Wrightbus -

'Fuel Cell Electric Buses will be one of the first fuel cell products to become truly commercial in Europe. FCH-JU has supported development and demonstration of FCEBs throughout many years, and we are really excited to see initiatives like H2Bus Europe. FCH-JU is today supporting the deployment of 291 fuel cell buses in over 20 European cities in the JIVE projects. H2Bus is a natural continuation that moves our entire industry towards commercialization. Congratulations to the consortium partners behind H2Bus for making this bold move for the benefit of our citizens and industry.'


Coming up

The H2Bus Consortium is aiming to deploy at least 1,000 buses by 2023.

This requires interactions with a number of other cities/regions.


The current countries in consideration are:

H2Bus Norway

H2Bus Sweden

H2Bus Germany

H2Bus Netherlands

H2Bus Belgium


PTO’s and PTA’s from these regions are very welcome to contact H2Bus to initiate additional projects.